Rocky Mountain Ag

Rocky Mountain Ag is located at the Monte Vista Municipal Airport on HWY 160, east of Monte Vista.  You are invited to come out and visit with us any time about how we can serve you and your farm.

This will be our 4th season in the valley and we are more excited than ever to start the new year.  We have completely overhauled and painted “Snowball” and can’t wait to get her flying again for your 2016 growing season.  “Snowball” is the primary airplane that services the crops in the San Luis Valley, but Rocky Mountain Ag has access to 5 turbine agricultural aircraft for a more timely application.

We have expanded our business to include aquatic-pest control in late 2015.  We are licensed to control invasive fish or vegetation to facilitate the healthiest possible indigenous eco-system.   Though 2015 was an introduction to aquatic pest control we hope to do more of this kind of service for private fishing clubs, municipalities, and the State of CO.

We have also invested 3DR Drone technology over winter.  We have 2 drones that have the capacity to carry a conventional, RGB, or NVI camera.  We also have a subscription to Farm Lens to process the photography for ideal subscription farming and we are excited about learning how to make the drone work for our customers.  If you have a need or idea for our drone and your farm, please contact us.